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Ecumenopolis - City Without Limits (Trailer)

Istanbul wants to play in the big leagues. Last year it was the European City of Culture. It has its heart set on winning the 2020 Olympic bid. And the government wants it to be the financial centre of the region. At fifteen million, its population is twice the size of London’s, and looks set to double by 2030. But there is every sign that this unchecked growth is coming at a devastating cost. Imre Azem dissects the reasons Istanbul is groaning under its rapid expansion with a striking aural and visual landscape and by speaking to a wealth of experts and developers. He also follows a group of families forced to live in tents after being chucked out of their homes, to make way for luxury skyscrapers. The lack of planning regulations means that expansion has come without adequate environmental or safety precautions. In fact, an estimated 70% of the city’s 3.8 million buildings are thought to be unsafe — and lying on a fault line. As one interviewee warns, for Istanbul the future means chaos.

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